What Inspired me to become a Lash Artist

My First Blog Post

June 2021

Hi, I’m Liv well Olivia but I prefer being called Liv – welcome to my first ever blog! I like to write how I would actually chat along so here I go…

 Lash artist, lash tech, lash girl, lash lady a lifesaver…whatever I’m referred to as - I do love doing eyelash extensions,

I am a home-based eyelash technician offering semi-permanent lashes and brow laminations in Burscough near the lovely little market town of Ormskirk.

I feel lucky enough to say that, to say I love doing what I do for a living. Yeah don’t get me wrong there’s always downs to every up right?! For me I can live with having to spray Dettol after every treatment and wearing a mask all day every day– it could be worse so yeah, I feel pretty lucky saying that.

I’m not going to lie; it was difficult at first and there was only one factor that motivated me – money! I had just moved in with my now fiancé and for the first time properly I felt like I had to act like an adult and be more concerned about council tax rates than what clothes I would be buying this month. Suddenly, my priorities had to shift.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a good job working for a non-profit organization being a mediator as such between disputes. I had experience working in legal firms and  I had a law degree which academically speaking I didn’t think was too shabby qualification wise but I just didn’t feel I would earn enough to save for anything extra other than for living and occasional social spends. Anyone else feel like this?!

Or if you can it’s a struggle saving for those extra holidays spends or takes you ages before you can afford to splash out every now and then whether it's on some new makeup or a nice fancy meal.  I realized I needed some extra money coming in and I was willing to work for it.

At the time, one of my best friends had started to work part-time in a salon doing eyebrow treatments and lash extensions. It wasn’t before long she was my loyal lash girl and tinted my brows too.

It was one day when I was chatting to her and she told me how much money she could potentially make and we discussed costs, training the whole lot to qualify and practice as an eyelash technician.

I had always been an avid follower of the beauty industry and she really encouraged me to go for it and it was the perfect way to earn the extra cash I wanted to make, it was something I could have control of i.e. booking clients in at evenings and weekends whilst still working full time! It sounded like a perfect second job for me.

My friend is a lash trainer now but then she wasn’t back then but she did recommend a way I could learn the best way but not pay expensive money for the training as I just couldn’t afford hundreds of pounds. I still had to think about the stock I would need to buy, lights, and a decent beauty bed.

My mum agreed to lend me the money for the course and I booked a course in Liverpool in one of the chain hotels. It sounded great, it said I would get all the training I needed, a qualified certificate and a full practice kit.

The morning of the training I woke up excited but also nervous as my friend did say to me it wasn’t going to be easy. I got to the hotel nice and early and before I knew it there were about 15-20 girls all waiting outside one of the conference rooms. We all soon started chatting with one another and I realized we were all there for the same lash training.

We got in the conference room about 9 am and there were about 6 beauty beds in the middle of the room with tables and chairs around the edge clearly laid out for each person to sit at. There were 2 trainers and an assistant, and we went through a booklet of the technique of applying individual lashes. We practiced with the kit we were given by applying individual classic lashes to a practice head. We then practiced on each other, had time to answer some questions, got a manual, got given out our signed certificate, and before I know it I was leaving the building by 1.30 pm.

I rang my friend straight away as I was a bit worried and not feeling confident in going home and start actually practicing on a human being.

The more I practiced the better I got and understood what my main purpose was to be – I wanted to give people what they wanted but at the same time continuing to keep their natural lashes healthy.

In the spring of 2021 after a long year of lockdown, I decided to go full time, trained in Brows and I haven’t looked back since.

Speak Soon x

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